Friday, 29 April 2011

Enthusiasm and zebras; two incompatible notions? I think not.

I find that South Africans are always pleasantly surprised at how excited foreigners get about animals. Especially zebras, which I guess are like horses to them. I once expressed my enthusiasm over a herd of zebras walking right next to our car at a game reserve to which someone replied "that's nice, but don't you have those where you're from?" Um no. Obviously most of us have seen these animals a zoo, which is definitely not the same thing (no offense, Blijdorp). We're used to staring at overfed lazy zebras that are about as lively as Stephen Hawking. And some of us have only had "quality zebra time" while watching Dreamworks' Madagascar. So pardon me if I do a cartwheel every time I see a zebra frolicking around here.

"Carl, that girl has been staring at us for a while now..."
"Just act natural, Mary...we'll get through this together"

Zebra in the middle engages in headbutting. Literally.


Stacey said...

Do a cartwheel AND a handstand!! super cute <3

Sandra said...

El choque...<3