Thursday, 23 June 2011

Disney comes to life

You know you're a Disney fan when a warthog runs past you and you scream "OMG IT'S PUMBAA" like a little schoolgirl. Yeah. But honestly, any warthog that I encounter in life (seeing as clearly there will be many crossing my path) will always be Pumbaa to me. I have to say though, Pumbaa is looking a lot meaner in real life. Not so sure I'd be belting out Hakuna Matata with him anytime soon. Also, think there's a chance he would have eaten Timon. 

I had to fight the urge to not make any further Lion King references when I saw lions for the first time here as well. Although, when I played with one of the little cubs I secretly whispered "look inside yourself, Simba" when nobody was watching. That and I also warned him not to get too attached to his father. And to stay clear of the hyenas. Hey, once a Disney fan, always a Disney fan.


Di Antha said...


Caresse said...

Disney fans FTW!!! ahhh the pictures are amazing!!! hahahaha al of the sudden mi ta corda esnan ku nos a wak going mental coriendo trai otro
Wish i was still there with you <3

Niki said...

Dear Cherise,

Thank you for filling up my precious procrastination minutes with stories of South Africa. Not only have I decided to visit the country,but any hope of doing anything with my thesis today has gone completly down the drain by reading your stories. I love them! Keep them coming.

Btw nothing wrong with being a disney fan. I'm little mermaid every time I go scuba diving.


Berna van Zyl said...

Oh wow! What a lovely blog this is :) I'm from South Africa and I'm also a Disney fan myself! And ironically I have always wanted to go to Holland.
Really enjoyed reading your blog. If you have time you can maybe check out mine? You might just like it!