Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Monkey Business

I've never really liked monkeys. My mother used to take me to the zoo when I was little and I always tried to avoid the cages with the monkeys in them. They just seemed so conniving and angry. Frantically jumping up and down while shaking the bars of their cages and stretching their eager little hands out trying to steal things from people. Well, now that I think about it I guess I wouldn't be too happy either if I was stuck in a cage with rotten fruit on the ground and puddles of urine everywhere (trust me; been there done that). So my camping trip to Pilanesberg was finally a chance for monkeys and I to bury the hatchet. And what a success it was. I'm still not too crazy about baboons ("bobbejaan" in Afrikaans), but these little monkeys are the cutest!


Oeles said...

I like bobbejaans......and penguins.. <3

Cher&Bear said...

And this monkey <3's you!

Caresse said...

Tutiiii!! <3