Wednesday, 29 June 2011

South Africa; adding some color to your life

I think one of the main things I will miss about South Africa is the colorfulness of the different sceneries. From the dark green mountains in the Drakensberg to the soft purple sunrises in the east coast. And not to forget the clear blue skies of Lesotho, also known as the Kingdom in the Sky. I'm realizing lately that I'm more western than I had originally thought. We're so used to things like laptops, wi-fi, public transportation (and central heating!!) being a given, that  we sometimes forget that these are luxuries and not basic necessities. I'm not going to lie, I miss wireless internet and being able to move around as I please. But it all comes at a price unfortunately. Living in Rotterdam I feel like we lose touch with nature. Not only do we not see it, but we forget about it. Or at least I have. I was so tired last year of seeing grey buildings, grey subways and grey concrete floors. And although I do appreciate the perks of living in a modern city, I've missed being outdoors. I feel that constantly being surrounded by manmade structures sometimes brings your spirit down and it's essential to escape to nature once in a while.

I finally got a chance to do that in South Africa and I've absolutely loved it. The best thing I've done here is travel around and I really do feel that I'm a more calm and balanced person now. I think things like religion and spirituality seem like either a naive concept or a hype in the western world. But being in South Africa makes you see things in a different light. Surely there must be something bigger for such beautiful places to exist. And I couldn't help but feel grateful when I was on one of the highest tops of the Drakensberg Mountains, or watching the sunrise on the beach at Mdumbi or counting the endless stars in Mozambique. I wish I could share more than just pictures with all of you. I wish I could share the moments and the experience. But hopefully there will be many more in the future and some of them we might even experience together.


Drakensberg Mountains

The Amphitheatre at the Drakensberg


Beertje camping at the Drakensberg


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Linda said...

I'm very proud to read about your journey towards a higher sence of consciousness, maturity and an enhance love for the nature that surrounds you.
Wish I could be there with you!!
Miss you & Beertje !