Tuesday, 5 July 2011

And we're free at last!

After many excruciating weeks of being stuck in a room studying all day with limited to no contact with the outside world; we're finally done! Then again, "we" is really not the right word here, since I'm the only one that was doing all the studying while Beertje just lingered around. Unfair you say? I concur.

Absolutely no moral support

I was so incredibly relieved after my last exam that I felt like reenacting a scene from The Shawshank Redemption. And although running out in the rain in slow motion with my hands up in the air seemed like a brilliant way to end the exam-period, I settled for a road trip to Cape Town instead. Everyone has been telling me that I can't leave South Africa without seeing Cape Town first, so I changed my ticket to stay here an extra few weeks. I've never been a big fan of road trips because I get horribly car sick from even a 20 minute drive, but good company definitely made the nausea bearable. So there we were heading to Cape Town; two girls, 1 bear and a cup. Just kidding, the cup couldn't make it, we settled for our friend Emile instead.
Ready to hit the road!
Beertje pulled a Rosa Parks and refused to go to the back of the car



Di Antha said...

Whahahhahahhahhahhaha....!!! I love this one...echt un kos pabo (uhm i kemen beertjuh :p)

Caresse said...

ahhh super leuk have fun!!!! beertje ta echt living the good life ei noh!